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Subtle Appearance


The "Musts" you should know…In a nutshell!

First things first… What is a liposuction?

Liposuction, or lipoaspiration, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove fat cells from targeted body areas with excess fat that have persisted in spite of diets and workouts.

Small incisions are made by the surgeon to suck the fat with a tiny tube.

Superfluous fat deposits are frequently found in the hips, the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, the knees, the ankles and even the neck.

We perform this operation on the premises of our certified cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Montreal.

What are the criteria for a successful liposuction?

The top priority of Dr. Sami mezhoud is a subtle look.

According to him, the result of a successful liposuction is an improved body contour, but that does not look exaggerated.

What is the duration of a liposuction?

The duration of the cosmetic liposuction surgery performed by Dr. mezhoud generally varies from one to three hours depending on the size and number of areas treated.

This cosmetic surgery takes place in our certified and modern surgical center in Montreal.

Who is a candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight loss program!

On the contrary, it is intended for women who have a normal, or slightly above normal weight, and who are struggling with persistent localized fat deposits.

The ideal age for liposuction is under 45 years old, since the skin loses its elasticity with age.

The result is at its best when the skin shrinks over the newly operated regions following the liposculpture procedure.

What is special about the liposuction technique used by Dr. mezhoud?

Dr. mezhoud uses the 'Tumescent' technique, also known as the Klein technique. The conventional suction of fat cells is preceded by the introduction of an analgesic liquid that liquefies the fat.

This procedure facilitates the suction of fat and may reduce postoperative pain after the liposuction.

For your return home, Dr. mezhoud covers the operated area with a special bandage that will ensure your comfort during your recovery.

What is the price of a liposuction?

The price of a liposuction in our clinic in Montreal can vary according to several criteria.

Contact us to evaluate your price for a liposuction intervention.


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  • Sincerely, very satisfied, great work!

    Angie, patient of Dr mezhoud (Liposuction)

  • I'm so happy to have chosen this surgeon. I look forward to every visit and every procedure. What a happy place! I wonder what I will do next!

    Sandra, patient of Dr mezhoud (Liposuction)

  • I am very impressed. My experience with Dr mezhoud has been excellent from the moment I walked through the door. His professionalism, honesty and talent are second to none.

    Basilios, patient of Dr mezhoud

  • The results are quite remarkable.

    Kim, patient of Dr mezhoud

  • Sincerely, very satisfied, great work!

    Angie, patient of Dr mezhoud

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